A downloadable game for Windows

You play as a human avatar controlling a toy sword fighter by remote control. Remake of Epic Games Couch Knights.



  • Maps: Room
  • City Ambient Sound FX
  • VR

Game Menu


Player Menu Action

JumpSpaceGamepad Face Button Bottom
DefendRMBGamepad Left Trigger
AttackLMBGamepad Right Trigger
SprintLeft ShiftGamepad Face Button Left
ResetCtrl + R
MagicLeft CtrlGamepad Face Button Right
Exit GameCtrl + Q
Signal ReadyEnterGamepad Special Right
Force StartCtrl + S
Free CamCtrl + F 
CalibrateEnterGamepad Special Left

Player Menu Axis

Move forward/backwardW/SGamepad Left Thumbstick Y-Axis
Move right/left  (strafe)D/AGamepad Left Thumbstick X-Axis 
Turn left/rightMouse


  • You play as a human avatar controlling a toy sword fighter by remote control.


  • For instructions on how to setup the network see Multiplayer Setup below.
  • This is a two player game. A single player can play but won't have anyone to fight.
  • Each player must "Press Enter To Play" before the game will start.
  • If you play without a VR headset you can only look forward.
  • The menu does not work in VR but after you press Host or Join IP address it should detect your headset and switch to VR mode.


  • I don't have a VR headset so couldn't verify if VR works but it is playable without VR. If anyone tries the game with a VR headset could you let me know if it works and what VR headset you used.
  • Couch Knights was originally designed for Oculus Rift DK2. I am not sure if other headsets are supported.
  • ToySwordFightA is a remake of Unreal Engine 4 "Couch Knights"; however, ToySwordFightA is a ready to play game that doesn't need to be built from source. 
  • ToySwordFightA works with VR and ToySwordFightB works with a keyboard & mouse. ToySwordFightB has not been released yet.


  • 9-8-2021
  • Known Bug: On the host it does not show "Press Enter To Play" after the first game ends and it starts a new game.
  • Known Bug: On the client "Press Enter To Play" stays on screen after the first game ends and it starts a new game.


  • Unreal Engine Version 4.11.2


  • Couch Knights had to be packaged for development so network setup would work from the command line or console. In order to package ToySwordFightA for shipping I added a menu for network setup.


  • Epic Games Couch Knights

Multiplayer Setup

  • This game supports networking using an IP Address.
  • If you run the host and client on the same PC for testing you don't need to setup port forward.
  • To host the game over the Internet the computer hosting the game requires a home Internet connection and setting up port forward 7777 UDP/TCP on your router. You can't host the game from a cell phone Wi-Fi hotspot but you can run the client from a cell phone Wi-Fi hotspot.

Run Host & Client

  • To host just press Host. Only one player can Host.
  • To play as a client enter the IP address (of the host computer) and press Join IP address. One or more players can be clients depending on how many players the game allows. 

IP Address

  • If you are testing the host and client on the same computer use the IPv4 address for the IP address. If you are playing over the internet use the Public IP address (of the host computer) for the IP address.
  • To find the IPv4 address on Windows computers using Wi-Fi use Start->Command Prompt to open the command prompt and enter ipconfig. Use the IPv4 address from the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi of the host computer.
  • To find your Public IP address you can search for "what is my ip address" using a web browser.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, unzip, and run the EXE file. No install is required.


ToySwordFightA-1.0-windows64.zip 365 MB


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dude. is there ANY chance to get a apk for standalone quest. this i do beg.