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Cinematic experience of a subway fight scene. Remake of Unreal Engine 4 "Matinee".



  • Maps: Subway

Game Menu

Esc/Ctrl + M
Play (First Person/Movie) ModeEnter/Ctrl + Enter

Player Menu

Move forward/backward/left (strafe)/right (strafe)W/S/A/D
Turn left/rightMouse
Zoom  (15/45/90)RMB
Toggle Pause/PlayP
Toggle Reverse/ForwardBackspace

FX Menu

Toggle Tile Break/ResetCtrl + B
Tile ResetCtrl + R
Tile StoreCtrl + T
Tile BreakCtrl + Y


  • This is a cinematic experience of a subway fight scene that is mostly non-interactive.
  • In First Person Mode you can move around as if you are part of a movie. 
  • In Movie Mode it looks like you're watching a video of a computer game cutscene but it's actually a real time CGI (computer-generated imagery) computer animation. 
  • This game is just for fun so for example you can fall off the map in some places but I am not going to take time to fix it.


  • After you press Play the game starts playing in First Person Mode.
  • Player Menu only works in First Person Mode.
  • FX Menu manually controls the Tile special effects.


  • SubwayFightA is a remake of Unreal Engine 4 "Matinee"; however, SubwayFightA is a ready to play game that doesn't need to be built from source. 
  • In Movie Mode there is no easy way to tell it is not a video because the camera angles are not controlled by the user. In First Person Mode you can tell it is a computer animation because the user can move around the scene.


  • Known Bug: None.


  • Unreal Engine Version 4.9.2


  • My main goal for this game was adding first person mode because the original game only had movie mode.


What did you like or dislike? Any feedback is appreciated.

Install Instructions

Download the ZIP file, unzip, and run the EXE file. No install is required.


SubwayFightA-1.0-windows64.zip 399 MB

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