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Cinematic experience of a subway fight scene.


This is a remake of Epic Games Matinee. I added the capability to move around in first person to the original game.



  • Maps: Subway

Game Menu

Esc/Ctrl + M

Player Menu

Move forward/backward/left (strafe)/right (strafe)W/S/A/D
Turn left/rightMouse
Zoom  (15/45/90)RMB

Cinematic Menu

Play (First Person Mode)Enter
Play (Movie Mode)Ctrl + Enter
Toggle Pause/PlayP
Toggle Reverse/ForwardBackspace

FX Menu

Toggle Tile Break/ResetCtrl + B
Tile ResetCtrl + R
Tile StoreCtrl + T
Tile BreakCtrl + Y


  • This is a cinematic experience of a subway fight scene that is mostly non-interactive.
  • In First Person Mode you can move around as if you are part of a movie. 
  • In Movie Mode it looks like you're watching a video of a computer game cutscene but it's actually a real time CGI (computer-generated imagery) computer animation. 
  • This game is just for fun so for example you can fall off the map in some places but I am not going to take time to fix it.


  • After you press Play the game starts playing in First Person Mode.
  • Player Menu only works in First Person Mode.
  • FX Menu manually controls the Tile special effects.


  • SubwayFightA is a remake of Epic Games Matinee; however, SubwayFightA is a ready to play game that doesn't need to be built from source.
  • In Movie Mode there is no easy way to tell it is not a video because the camera angles are not controlled by the user. In First Person Mode you can tell it is a computer animation because the user can move around the scene.


  • 10-11-2021
  • Known Bug: None.


  • Unreal Engine Version 4.9.2


  • My main goal for this game was adding first person mode because the original game only had movie mode.


  • Epic Games Matinee

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, unzip, and run the EXE file. No install is required.


SubwayFightA-1.0-windows64.zip 399 MB

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